About Us

Our mission and history

Orlando Chiropractic Care was founded in March of 1995 with the goal of bringing chiropractic services to Massena and the greater North Country area. We’ve spent over 25 years serving the community, and have had the privilege of helping a tremendous number of great men and women in that time. We are proud to have served over 7,000 patients in Massena and the surrounding area as a result of our dedication to our work and to our patients.

Our Mission

Personalized patient care is what sets Orlando Chiropractic Care apart. Every patient is extremely important to us, and we vow to work tirelessly to get you the pain relief you deserve.

The wants and needs of every patient are different, so we’re keen on ensuring that every patient is both comfortable and satisfied with the care we provide. In addition, we aspire to be completely transparent about the chiropractic process and keep our patients educated throughout the entire care process, so that they can make sound, informed decisions about their own health care. There are no unknowns, no mysteries, no decisions without your input.

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Patient Testimonials

Reviews from the fine folks we've served!

  • "I went to the Chiropractor for the first time yesterday. Now, I have had chronic back pain for five years. I’ve seen a bunch of specialists and doctors all who gave me different answers and want me a bunch of medicine. Very little of what they did helped and the pain just became a regular part of my daily life. It made me not want to travel, struggle with having a desk job, and made it hard to sleep at night. So finally, with health insurance and financial stability at hand I decided to go to Orlando Chiropractic Center. He got me in, did the x-rays, told me exactly what was wrong, and did a few adjustments. I have had zero back pain since. I haven’t been pain free like this in five years and it is absolutely amazing, I seriously cannot believe it. I should have gone years ago!"
    Day Snyder
  • "Having worked for and been a patient of Dr. Orlando, aka Doc, I can tell you first hand what an exceptionally careing and dedicated man he is! Doc's first priority is patient care. He has treated over 6000 patients and I would dare say he knows each one by name. Doc can help you with both your acute pain as well as treat the whole body. Monthly Chiropractic care helps keep your body in proper alignment and you in optimum health!"
    MaryEllen Girard